Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Family, Friends, Lost Friends

Hey! I have time this week. Weird. Here we go!

Cambio 2 Report:

Baptisms: 4
Confirmations: 4
Lessons Taught: 98
New Investigators: 60

It was a good change and we finished it with a bang.

Shout Out: Mary (or Mery as they spell it here, or Maria) Hughes. My little niece has broken her collerbone and is pretty sad.


Ok, so I don´t have a ton of words for an injured child, but hey! Mary, I love you, you are such a cute little niece. I will keep you (and all of my sobrinos, en mis oraciones).

My Week: So I lost Elder Benavides and found Elder Ludeña. Elder Ludeña is from Peru. He is the oldest missionary in the mission (27) and just left the office (was the Financier) (odd, Elder Benavides was, directly before he was my Trainer, the AP, Ludeña was the Financier... I think my next companion will be Elder Cambra, he is currently the Secretary to the President and his time in the office will be ending soon...)

Elder Ludeña is great. We work great together and our lessons are super powerful. and he has what I would call a "pure" testimony.

Spanish is coming along great for me. I am living in a house where I am the only person that knows english but for some reason I am able to communicate with people that know spanish. I don´t understand how it works yet but I think I am learning spanish. Odd.

Last week we worked hard. We had over 30 new investigators and 23 lessons.

Weird News: So I was teaching Andres Chichande the Palabra de Sabiduria the other day. As I was talking, in spanish, I realized I was saying things that I did not really know how to say, and that I was telling him to do things that really did not make sense to me... jist of my story: Elder Holland taught us that one of the signs that the spirit is in a lesson is when the teacher (me at this moment) learns from himself. I was definitely learning from myself. For some strange reason it made sense to me why we confess and ask the help of other people when we have grave problems. I can´t explain it to you now, but it makes sense why Bishops are the Common Judges. O´well. I hope one day you all understand what I am trying to say.

Now for things of UPMOST IMPORTANCE:

1. When you are sitting in a chair and you suddenly feel vertigo.... EARTHQUAKE. It lasted about 2 seconds.

2. Diana wants to get baptised. Odd, her mom hit her when she said that. Sometimes Catholics can be a little harsh.

3. CHALLENGE: We as missionaries have been reading the Book of Mormon and marking every reference to Christ, all of his words, his attributes, and any doctrine we come across. This is a cool assigment. I am halfway through el Libro de Mormon and I have learned a ton. One thing I have learned and noticed I would like to share with you...

Read the following versus and figure out what they all have in common. There are more, but I am not finished with the Book of Mormon yet...

Enos 1:10
Mosiah 2:22
Alma 38:1
Jarom 1:9
Alma 9:13
Omni 1:6
Alma 36:1


4. Rumor has it that the office has 5 boxes with my name on them. All white sticker... hmm...

5. The picture is one of the final times I was with Elder Benavides.

1. Gangs... yeah right
2. 30 nuevos
3. Piña puro es como el cielo
4. Andres Drunk and a telephone call to the mother of Katy Cedeño (Which I might note is challenging: to speak spanish over a telephone... 10 points for Elder Robinson).

Y doy fin a mis palabras,

os amo,

Elder Robinson


How was the fireside? Are you and dad still at the Temple every week? How is Mary´s collarbone? And white sticker... go green... thanks ;)


Nothing to respond to. We are having some difficutly to with the mail. I hope China is treating you well.

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