Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Worlds...One Family

¡Familia y Amigos!

Shout Out: Spencer! Wow, you are in college! How does it feel, who are your roomates, have you kissed a girl yet, do you have a girlfriend, how often do you visit home, do you like your classes, are the teachers amazing, where do you live, is Cyd near you, have you told her hi for me yet, what is your favorite part of being out of the house, do you miss home...

News: Me! WHOOO! I have survived my first change here in Pasaje, Ecuador! WHOOO! 6 weeks. I am still partially in shock. I am currently in Machala, because I live with the Zone Leaders we have to be here all day to make sure missionaries that are coming and going make it out and in. The final bus will arrive at 6 tonight with our new zone leader Elder Rondón. I am excited.

As for the change, my companion and I did great. We baptized one person, taught 127 lessons (that is comparatively few seeing as how we have to travel TONS every day because our sector is HUGE!), had over 70 new investigators, and have a few baptismal dates set for next month.

We are working hard with a Family Segarra, they are really cool, but I am starting to think they are bipolar. My companion and I have been running around with their government papers trying to get them married, we finally got everything done (except the ceremony and signatures) and were returning their documents to them when they told us, well, actually the boyfriend told us, that they don´t want to be married and he has been kicked out of the house. Yet they still both want to be baptised... hmmmm.

Well, yesterday we called them and they want to be married again, and Johnny is back in the house... AH! I don´t know what to think. We need to get these people married before they change their minds again. The wedding is set for next Monday and my companion and I will be the witnesses. Cool no?

We were visiting with a family the other day when the mom told us that her son wants to be baptised! This was a shocker. The kid comes to church half willingly and he never seems to enjoy it. However, the mom told us that the family is "Catholic" and that like all "Catholics" they don´t have a clue why they are. So she told us that she also wants her son to be baptised because it makes sense to him (and probably because we have heard that he has started arguing with the local priest using our doctrine! This can make MASS a little bit interesting...) We will put a baptismal date on him next time we see him. His Aunt and sisters are also now attending. This will be interesting.

As for much else that happened this week... yeah, nothing.

1. Amy is cooking pig, I invite everyone to eat at her house, but I remind you that you are not a true Native of any country until you have Cow Intestine and Stomach (this makes me queezy talking about it...)
2. Changes are crazy
3. Drugged people are really dumb
4. Pakiquisha is the COOLEST part of my sector.


Elder Robinson


Spencer- Hey, I want to talk to your girlfriend so you should get one and have her write me. Actually, I really just want to hear about how college is going for you.

Ruth- China? Food? Culture Shock?

"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."
-- Malcolm S. Forbes

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