Monday, August 3, 2009

Fwd: Week 2 Power, Chicken, and Phones

Family and Friends!

Shout Out: Betty Orellana. Betty Orellana is one of the most amazing people in the whole world. She is my first baptism in Ecuador. By baptism I mean that we got her all the way to baptism and she went through with it. The cool news: she asked that I baptise her... Wow! I did. It was great. I don´t know the language, and the prayer goes somehting like: Habiendo side comisionado por Jesucristo, Yo te Baustiso en el nobre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espiritu Santo. Amen. And I couldn´t say her name so I had to start the prayer over "Luz Magdalena Orellana Pelaez." That is the shout out. a little under two weeks in the country and one soul is saved!

So my life in South America... hmmm. Short: interesting.

Pasaje is the worlds coolest place ever. But if any of you ever come visit Ecuador I would not suggest you visit Pasaje unless you know people here or you visit with people that have lived here. It is a rough town if you don´t know what you are doing.

Por Ejemplo: The power went off the other day. Actually, it was off all day. It was the day of Betty´s baptism. Saturday. Well, this would be fine in the states. but here in Pasaje it created a real mess. Food: yeah, forget about it, throw it away. People: as we were getting off the bus at 7 the driver said "walk quickly and don´t stop" yikes. And light: so have I mentioned that I live in a small town that ALWAYS has clouds? Yeah, not even the stars show at night... so it is PICH black. We are required to return to our apartments at night if there is a blackout. So we did, but we had to visit the church first to tell anyone there that the baptism was cancelled (we did it Sunday at 1). The church is in a dangerous part of town. Then we had to walk home. Trust me, they have Manaquins everywhere here... ever seen "I am Legend"...gulp. However, missionaries are always protected and you never need to worry about me, even in a blackout. I will worry about myself.

This week was crazy. I can´t really explain how many things went wrong and how hard satan tried to stop the baptism. First we didn´t have cloths that fit Betty. Then we did. Then we didn´t. Then the Power. Then she was late. Then we found her. Then she was missing her husband. Then her niece just about got ran over (she was pulled out of the road just in time). My companion and I were like... JUST GET TO THE CHAPEL. SATAN CAN´T GET US THERE!!! Then her shoes broke. They fixed it. Then her other shoe broke. THen we got to the chapel. I am probably missing more of the drama, not to mention the appointments we missed because we had to look for clothes.

Missionary work is a ton of fun. I love it. It is really cool helping people understand that there is so much more to life than just life. We have been led by the spirit on many occations. Once I wanted to go into this house. My companion didn´t want to. But. Being the Amazing person that Elder Benavides (from California) is we did. The dad was there. The whole family was there. We started the lesson. They started crying. We talked of families and how they can be together forever. They really started crying. (talk about an awkward situation when I can´t even understand what is going on). The kids have now gone to church ever since. El Evangelio de Jesucristo es muy poderoso. Pienso que cuando mi compaƱero y yo seguimos el espĆ­ritu santo nosotros recibimos bendiciones. That is the extent of my spanish.

That is my week. I want to end every email with my thoughts. THey help me remember what my week was truely like without giving the gory details to mom.

My thoughts:
1. When two dogs attack they are against two missionaries and two backpacks.
2. Chicken feet DO NOT BELONG in soup.
3. Likewise, just because you cut the head off the fish and the tail does not mean you can eat it.
4. When a dog is foaming from the mouth it means it has rabies and one should not walk 12" from it.
5. Cat tastes fine. I think.
6. Drunk people are weird.

Love your favorite Elder,

"Sacame del bosillo" X3 "WOOOO" This is the ringtone to President Ganzaga´s phone that went off during the baptism. That man is so funny.

Elder Robinson


Mom- Love you

Jeff- Enjoy Utah, because I can´t

Spencer- What up?

Christy- are you showing yet?

Leif- What are YOU up too...?

Amy- I really miss your cooking.

Ruth- Yep. I am still here. Hope you enjoy CHINA!

Mary- Hey! My best friend ever! What else are cousins for? I miss you lots.

Michelle- Engaged yet?

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