Monday, March 21, 2011

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Ann Maas (Typed while holding a baby. )

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Family and Friends,

     March is now nearing a rapid close. At least for Missionary Work. We are now focusing on the people that we are planning to baptise in April. However, even though March is almost over it is not completely over.

     This last week was "mas o menos (+-)" I don´t particularly have anything super amazing to say neither do I have anything terrible to speak of. We are fighting hard to get the lessons finished for our investigators that are planning to be baptised Saturday. There are 4 of them. It wouldn´t be at all hard if they wouldn´t spend all day running around the city. That makes it hard to find them. We should have all their lessons done by tonight so that they can be interviewed and prepared to be baptised saturday. I will tell you hall it all goes next week.

     I am constantly surprised to hear what Ecuadorians think when it comes to natural desasters. 
     1- For more than 6 weeks now we have not had any rain here in Guayaquil. That is unusually odd seeing as how this is supposed to be the rainy season. A member was telling me that because there is no rain the earth is going to dry up and crack causing an earthquake. I laughed. Explained that earthquakes didn´t really work that way, and went my way. I stopped laughing when I heard the same comment 3000 more times from everyone. O´well. There is nothing more I can do.

     2- Walking the streets of Guayaquil I came across another strange fact: The next time it rains here everyone has to be indoors or will receive cancer from the Nuclear Plant in Japan. That is if I already don´t have skin cancer from walking under the Ecuadorian Sun for the last 2 years.

     Sorry this really has nothing of substance. Wait for next week.


Elder Robinson

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