Monday, January 10, 2011


Family and Friends,

I felt like I was drifting this week even though we finally got back on track after all the holiday madness. We are working really hard with Family Guaman and Ximena Zhirapa. 4 of my converts here in Cuenca. They are struggling now. Some more than others. Why can´t life be full of happiness? It always seems that there is something working against us... go figure.

I had an interchange with Elder Johnson this week. I am super inspired by him. I learned a lot and we had a lot of time to catch up and talk. He and I entered the mission together and we were living together in the MTC for 9 weeks. Here in Ecuador I didn´t see him for almost a year until I was in Guayaquil and then only a few times. He then left to Machala, I went for Milagro, and now we are both in Cuenca and it is cool to see how our missions have changed us both. We can both see it in each other even if we cant see it in ourselves. Maybe I have changed a lot in 20 months.

We were tracting when we came accross a family we had talked to weeks ago. Unknowingly we talked to them again and they invited us into their home to share our message. We taught lesson 1 (the Restauration) and they were attentive listeners. At the end of the lesson 66% of the family had no major questions... and not much interest. However the other 33% of the family said, and I quote, "I want to know this book is true. When can you visit me again? Maybe in my other house?" We have a lesson with them tomorrow but it is cool to see that the Lord is still putting people in our path.

I spent a lot of time studying faith this week. I was never a good reader when it came to "Bible Study" but I have found that the Bible actually contains a lot of really cool things. Por ejemplo:

Hebrews 11: Probably the best chapter to read up on when you want to learn about faith... comparing it to Ether 12.
Hebrews 12: So maybe it is a good thing the Lord punishes us. Stay happy when it´s your turn to be chastised.
2 Peter 3: The timing for the Second Coming depends on us.
JST: The book of John, The Old Testament... a ton of really cool things slipped out of the bible. Maybe we should study this section a little bit more and we will realize why.

When it comes to the Book of Mormon I would suggest that people dive through Moroni 7. Once you are past v19 you are into the really cool doctrines.

As for Elder Robinson: I am still alive and kicking! January is a great month to work. I am excited for the next following weeks to see what they will bring. I love hearing from all of you so don´t be shy in sending me a note or an update.


Elder Robinson

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