Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wild Child

Mis Amados Hermanos,

Shout Out: Snow! Actually no, not here, not now, not ever. But I have heard whisperings that it snowed in Utah. ENJOY THE SNOW! The most we get here is... mist. It gets misty. It is not even rain. But everything is SOAKED. Except us. We somehow are not soaked. Maybe because we are walking everywhere. No sé.

Mi Semana: I don´t even know where to start. This is usually due to the fact that I can´t remember why my week was any diferent from the other weeks.

This week was Halloween in the States. Here in Ecuador they don´t celebrate Haloween. They celebrate the 2 de Noviembre... The day of the Dead. On this day EVERYONE goes to the cemetary and talks to their dead relatives. Literally. We were at the cemetary and a man was talking to a tomb, "I love you, thanks for your support, I will come back next year to talk to you..." Odd. Can someone say "Plan of Salvation?"

We are still teaching Monzi Diana Chichande. She wants to be baptised but her mom won´t allow it yet. As we were visiting with them we started talking to the Father. He told us that he had just gotten back from the cemetary (talking to his dead father) and just wanted to listen. Well listen he did. As missionaries we adapt.

I asked him if he believed that he could talk to his dad one day face to face. He said no. PLAN DE SALVACIÓN! He is definitely interested, the mom is just about to break and let us baptise Diana, and then one more person will be part of the Kingdom of God sobre la tierra. 5 points for the Plan of Salvation.

Katy Cedeño is also progressing towards baptism. She has an interview tomorrow and should be baptised Friday.

We had our Conference this week in Machala. I love conference. We learned a ton about teaching people under the age of 18 and obtaining un permiso. The president really hit that one hard.

After the conference Hermana Johns (The wife to President Johns) drove us back to Pasaje. She wanted to check our house... Needless to say we had not cleaned it in a week (seeing as how the conference was on our day of cleaning). It was super funny to watch as she touched everything and inspected the fridge and looked under the toilet checked for leaks and looked in our desks... and then asked us where our Christmas Tree was. Our apartment is SO far out of the way that she only inspects Pasaje every 6 months or so... and I guess 6 months ago there was a Christmas Tree... we should go find it. We recieved a 5/10 and some chocolates and a loaf of bread (because she loves us, not the house).

Weird News: Drunks. Loads of them in Pasaje, especially during festivals. I don´t like them at all. They are ugly, smelly, and don´t really have a purpose. This also goes with cofé and té.

La Virgen de Cisne. I don´t understand the Catholic Religion... but here in Ecuador they don´t worship Christ, they worship Virgens. Not only Mary, but any woman that had loads of money and clamed to see Mary in a cracker, a cloud, or the waterspot on the wall. One of the famous ones is the Virgen of Cisne. They have giant dolls of her all over the place. She has a huge dress, is standing in the middle of a town, and holding a small baby doll Jesus. In her other hand she has a huge stick that I think she hits children with. Faicicicimo.

My dear readers: please follow the 10 commandments and don´t worship idols.

La hora de cosas de UPMOST IMPORTANCE:

1. Katy Cedeño will be baptised this week!
2. Things I forgot to add to my weird list last week:

-Dont drive or walk down the middle of roads, you might fall in a 10 foot hole.
-Dont trust the cops
-In parades every school has a band of drumbs and girls with feathery sticks. After 300 schools and 5 hours this can get a little old.
-The mascots for the Bomberos (Fire Department) are three naked men painted red. Yeah, I don´t understand either.
-Inca Cola is the best cola ever!

1. Congratulations to a friend of mine. I am excited for your major.
2. Spencer gets to go to England.
3. No Snow
4. Nobody at church

Y doy fin a mis palabras,

os amo,

Elder Robinson

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